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The Junior Leadership Team is made up of elected students from each tutor group in Years 7 to 11.  JLT members are expected to attend a meeting once a term which is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl.  They perform an important role within the school by being the voice of the students.  JLT reps generate ideas and discuss issues about the way the school works and what will make school better. The JLT also have close contact with the leadership of the school allowing them to influence decisions that are made to take the school forward.

Being a member of the Junior Leadership Team is a position of great responsibility. JLT reps don’t just represent their own views but the views of others in their year. They are expected to take on projects, working with others on initiatives to improve the school. As a leader and representative of the student body, they will take part in important school events like open evenings, award ceremonies, interviews for new staff and charity work.

In December of year 10 all students get the opportunity to run for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl.