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Challenge Week



Challenge Week 2019 Booklet

Welcome to Challenge Week 2019! Challenge Week will take place from Monday 1st - Thursday 4th July 2019.
All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities that are not
normally on offer as part of the standard curriculum. Friday 5th July will be spent in school where students will
review their activity and prepare for the launch of the new academic year’s timetable on Monday 8th July.

Challenge Week is an integral part of students’ education at Plympton Academy: it is a special week offering
huge opportunities to extend and enrich their curriculum experience. Each student will be able to take part in 1
activity lasting over 4 days (Monday - Thursday) or 2 different activities, split over 2 days (Monday - Tuesday
and Wednesday - Thursday).

Please take time to read through the booklet carefully. Some activities will require early departures from the
academy and will return late in the evening. It is important that students can make their way safely to and
from the academy at these times if they pick these activities. If a student is in receipt of free school meals,
these will be ordered in advance for them.

Make sure you discuss your choices with both friends and family. There are over 500 students in Years 7-9
and, whilst our aim is to allocate every student to their first choice, this cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore
important that students select a second and third choice in case their first is oversubscribed. Students cannot
opt for part of an activity and must accept the whole package where different daily activities are involved. As
some activities will require a minimum number to run, please be aware that it may be necessary to cancel an
activity should not enough interest be shown.

Once students have made their selection, they need to complete the booking form at the back of this booklet,
detach it and return it to Student Services. The deadline for returns is Friday 14th December.

Please note that forms will be returned to students if they have not selected at least two choices or if a parent
/ guardian’s signature has not been obtained. In addition, we reserve the right to make changes to the
schedule of an activity, should it be deemed appropriate to do so. Students who return their form after the
deadline may find that they do not receive any of their choices.


Attendance during this week is not optional as it is part of our academy term. In line with normal procedures, a
reason for non-attendance would be required since we have to provide details of all unauthorised absences to
the Education Welfare Officer.


The cost of each activity is shown, but please be aware that this is based on the maximum amount of students
for the activity taking part and are correct as of December 2018. Therefore, they are subject to change (for
example, due to increased transport costs per person if fewer students take part).


Naturally, we expect students to maintain a high standard of behaviour during the week. All students should
be aware that taking part in Challenge Week is dependent on a good behavioural record.

We have already build up a good reputation with the activity providers that we will be using and the coach
companies. If we feel that a student is behaving in an unacceptable and potentially dangerous manner, they
will be withdrawn from the activity. If this is the case, a refund will be unlikely and parents/guardians may be
required to collect them from where the activity is taking place.


Request for payment will be sent during the week beginning Monday 14th January. Payments should be made
via the ParentPay facility used at Plympton Academy. Deposits can be paid as soon as you have received
confirmation of your child’s activity. The deadline for deposit payments is Friday 1st February.

For higher cost activities, we can accept payments by installment after the deposit has been received, or if you
wish to pay the balance in full then you may do so. All payments must be made in full by Friday 5th April.
Please note, that we are unable to refund any deposits or payments if a student wishes to change activity as
payments will have already been made to external providers. If an activity is missed due to illness, then a
medical certificate would need to be seen in order to process a refund. The costings for these activities have
been worked out as accurately as possible with the aim of the activity breaking even. In the unlikely event of a
surplus less than £3 per student remaining, once all bills are settled, unless we hear from you to the contrary
we will retain it for the general benefit of the students.

If you have any questions about an activity you are interested in, please get in touch with the activity leader in
the first instance. If you have any questions about the week in general, please contact Kerry Mason at Activity leaders will be sending out detailed information about their activity
during the week beginning Monday 3rd June.

For on-site activities, the Plympton Academy Diner will be open at break and lunchtime, offering a reduced
service. For off-site activities, students will need to bring a packed lunch with them, or there will be
opportunities to buy food. The trip leaders will confirm this with you nearer the time.

Yours sincerely,

The Challenge Week Coordination Team
(Mr Ian Hartley; Ms Kerry Mason and the Activity Leaders)