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Year 11 Information

Year 11 Information

In the event of a closure, students will be provided with distance learning tasks to complete which will be communicated through Class Charts for students and parents and set on Google Classroom ( in addition to paper-based resources.   

Class Charts Parents User Guide

Hegerty Maths

BBC Bitesize


Art and Design

Please continue to develop your exam projects at home. Your teacher’s can be contacted for support via Google Classroom and email. Use your Knowledge Organiser and Literacy books to support written work. is an additional resource to support you.


BTEC Sport

Students are to complete the work set for specific units by their class teacher which will include coursework and some resubmission upgrade opportunities.  This will be set through ClassCharts and direct the students to their appropriate Google Classroom as per the codes below;

Please contact the class teacher via the ‘chat’ or ‘comment’ functions which will allow either the class teacher themselves, or a member of the teaching team to respond within 48hrs.


Core PE

During this time away from the Academy, students are encouraged to take regular daily physical activity to ensure that they stay healthy as part of an active lifestyle.  Within the students packs that have been brought home there are a number of suggested tasks and challenges to encourage them to stay healthy and active during this period.  All the tasks are designed to cover the Knowledge, Skills and Character pillars to reflect what is taught in the Academy covering the PE curriculum and have been selected so that either no or minimal equipment is required.  This resource is also available online at (insert weblink when decided where resources are being uploaded)



Students will complete one English activity on all days when they would normally have an English lesson (20 minutes) set on ClassCharts. The activities for each day will be outlined on both classcharts and google classroom and set by their individual teachers. Students will be given paper booklets to complete based on their GCSE texts ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’  Further support will be provided through the googleclassroom by individual teachers. Students have already been invited via email to their google classroom. Revision books for ‘A Christmas Carol’ have been purchased from Amazon and will arrive by post directly to student’s early next week. 


Health and Social Care 

Students will use their Unit 3 booklets which they will individually receive. These booklets will also be available on Google Classroom as PDF format to allow for different formats, such as zooming in to increase font size. Students are asked to spend 20 minutes per scheduled lesson on their timetable to work on the assigned tasks. These tasks will be uploaded weekly onto Class Charts. Further support and contact can be made through Google Classroom in the Stream, where answers and questions can be addressed. A response will be delivered within a 48 hour window.



Students will be set activities to complete through classcharts. Their exam board is OCR GCSE History B.  The units they study are:


The Peoples’ Health 1250 - today

History all around us (site study of Buckland)

The Making of America 1789 - 1900

Living Under Nazi Rule 1933 - 1945

The Norman Conquest 1066 - 1087


They have finished studying the course and so they will be revising through structured tasks.  This will include exam questions and revision activities such as mindmaps. Students have been provided with paper copies of 3 mini  guides to different aspects of the course including: The Peoples’ Health, The Making of America, The Norman Conquest. They have been provided with paper versions of flashcards for Buckland Abbey revision.  We also have electronic versions of all of this information on the google classroom.  


Hospitality and Catering

Students will be completing the Unit 2 coursework that they have started and is on Google Classroom. Resources are available on there as well. Communication is either through email or Google Classroom.