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Plympton Academy believes that it is important to encourage good conduct throughout the Academy by celebrating and rewarding good behaviour. The Academy use the ClassCharts reward system, which engages students and helps to achieve Academy values. Staff award ClassCharts points for the following activities:


  • Demonstrates a desire to learn
  • Outstanding leadership
  • Positive contribution to school life
  • Shown resilience when faced with problems
  • Tackled a challenging task
  • Understands that effort is the key to success
  • Working beyond expected levels of attainment
  • Working collaboratively to produce excellent work

Students can spend their points on the ClassCharts rewards store, cashing them in for items of stationary including pens and highlighters; express passes for the canteen; mufti passes for the last day of term and experience vouchers. Rewards will be delivered via form tutors, and it will take approximately 48 hours for rewards to be processed.

For more information please contact Mr Hartley on