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Early Academy Closure March 18th

Dear Parents/Carers


You may be aware from talking with your child that we have, during the year, made some alterations to how we structure lessons to help improve the learning experience of all of our students. Our practise as an Academy has developed following a collaboration with schools both outside of Plymouth and within the city.

As we continue to develop, this will involve training for all classroom-based staff, so that the experience of our students is as positive as possible. Much of this training happens in staff time outside of the normal school day and on staff CPD days. However, we will be holding a training session for all classroom-based staff on Monday 18th March 2019. To enable this to happen, we will be closing the Academy early for students at 1.00pm.

This training for staff is a crucial part of our continuing development to do the very best for our students. As noted earlier we are working with other schools within the city and this session for staff will happen jointly with staff from Stoke Damerel Community College, Eggbuckland Community College and Torbridge High, and staff from the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The morning of the 18th March will be as normal, with students leaving after Period 4 (1pm).  The timings of mini-buses and taxes that leave from the site at 3pm will be amended to 1pm.  For all Yr 11 and Yr 13 students that may have a lesson Period 5 on this day, your teachers will provide vital work for you to complete.  

The canteen will be open as usual before school and at breaktime for all students.  Any student that receives free school meals will be able to obtain a packed lunch at this time.  The canteen will be closed at lunchtime.

For Year 7 parents/carers only, with childcare issues on this day, we will be running a film club and a sports club that will finish at 3pm.  A packed lunch will be available for any students to purchase on site. If you would like your child to remain on site, please fill in the form attached to this letter, and ask your child to pass to Student Services no later than Thursday 14th March.  Any child without a consent form will not be able to remain on site.

The Academy will be open as normal on Tuesday 19th March.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Ms L Boorman, Principal