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Gazing at the stars


An evening of gazing at the stars has helped the crowdfunding campaign
for the recently launched 3G pitch at Plympton Academy.
Parents, Laura Way and Abigail Patrick, paid for an evening of star
gazing with teacher, and school astronomy enthusiast, Jim Strachan.
“It was a beautiful clear night, with less than 2% cloud coverage,”
explained Jim Strachan, Head of Year 8 and 9 at Plympton Academy. “The
evening opened with a view of the stunning planet Venus. We then moved
on to track the movement of Jupiter and three of its moons, the fourth
making its appearance later in the evening. We then ventured into deep
space to take in the view of the Beehive Cluster, the Cigar Galaxy and
Bode’s Nubula.”
The participants were also able to see the Milky Way through the
viewfinder of photographer Kevin Phillips, who took lots of images of
celestial objects in the sky.
The evening drew to a dramatic close with an Aquarid meteor shower and
some constellation spotting.
“It was a great evening,” said Jim Strachan. “We are keen to hold
another one so if anyone is interested then please contact me. All
experience levels are welcome.”
You can contact Jim on