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Virtual China School Trip

Year 8 geography students using their Virtual Reality headsets.

Geography students from Plympton Academy have visited China without
even leaving their classroom.

They’ve been studying the country as part of this semester’s focus. So
the geography staff at the school decided the best way to deepen their
understanding of China was to take them on a field trip…… using
Virtual Reality (VR).

“We got the students to make their own VR headsets,” said Head of Year
8 and 9, Jim Strachan. “They had to work in teams and follow
instructions. It was quite tricky.”

Once the youngsters had made their headsets they were given a list of
sights to experience in Virtual Reality. Highlights included a tour of
Shanghai and the Three Gorges Dam.

Year 8 geography student, Charlie West said: “The VR headsets really
opened up the possibilities of learning in a fun immersive way.”
His fellow student, Alisia Kane agreed it was good fun. “I enjoyed
learning more about China in a different way.”