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Sport Relief

Staff and students from Plympton Academy have been running, rowing and
climbing this week to raise money for Sports Relief.

Over the last five days pupils in Year 7-9 have completed the Sports
Relief mile as part of their PE lessons.

“Our pupils were really interested in the Sports Relief reading
material that highlighted young people’s mental health,” said Ian
Hartley, Head of Religious Studies and Personal Development at
Plympton Academy. “It gave many of them that extra boost to get
outside and run their mile.”

On Sports Relief day itself students were able to come into school
wearing sports related clothing rather than school uniform for a
donation of £1. The canteen became the hub of all the activities as
staff and students set themselves a challenge to row and climb the
equivalent of three peaks; 500 miles!

“It’s been fantastic to see everyone in school get involved with this
fundraising event and keeping fit at the same time,” said Principal,
Lisa Boorman. “We hope to have raised around £1,000.”

Danni Johns, teacher of Health and Social Care and Stuart Taylor, Head of PE taking part in this year’s Sports Relief event at Plympton Academy.