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City Councillors at the Academy

Left to right: Cllr Dann, Kiel Hilton, Tommy Nettleship, Robbie Parker, Luke Vincent, Toby Morgan and Cllr Beer.

Students at Plympton Academy have been meeting their city councillors
to learn more about the role and express their views on local issues.
Cllr Sue Dann (Labour) and Cllr Terri Beer (Conservative) visited the
school recently and met with some of the young people.

Thirteen year old student Toby Morgan said it was really good to meet
the local councillors.

“We talked about a lot of things which concern students in Plymouth,
including access to mental health support, housing problems and
student tuition fees,” he said.

Both the city councillors found the visit to Plympton Academy interesting.
Cllr Beer said: "The young people talked to Cllr Dann and myself about
issues that they felt strongly about and we welcome their views.
Mental health was very clearly high on everyone's agenda and something
that local politicians should grasp and work on to make a difference
and include young people in our decisions.”

Cllr Dann said: “It was really interesting listening to the students
concerns and their views about mental health support, tackling
discrimination  and whether they think that 16 year olds should have
the right to vote.”