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Plympton Academy at St Luke’s Hospice

Year 13 student, Charlotte Enfer-Simmons with Educational Consultant, Susan James.

Plympton Academy pupils studying Health and Social Care spent the day
at St Luke’s Hospice recently.

The visit was organised to enhance their understanding of health and
social care settings. The students are currently studying units within
the BTEC Level 3 course which incorporates the most effective ways of
looking after individuals, how health and social care organisations
embed certain legislations and procedures, specific job roles and
responsibilities and diagnosis and treatment of physiological

“This is the second time we have visited St Luke’s and they planned
this whole day around the course curriculum and delivered an exciting
and enriching day for everyone,” said Plympton Academy Health and
Social Care teacher, Danni Johns.

When they arrived the students were shown around the facilities at
Turnchapel, including the three wards, family rooms and quiet room,
the Harbour.

The students also met different team members, from specialist nurses,
community specialists, crisis team leaders and occupational
therapists. They also learnt how the hospice doesn’t just care for
people on site. Last year they looked after 8, 821 patients in their
homes and 4,856 on the wards in Derriford Hospital.

“It was enlightening to see how person centred the hospice is,” said
pupil Charlotte Simmons-Enefer. “It was extremely helpful to talk to a
range of healthcare professionals about their past workplaces and

The students also had the chance to practice some life skills such as CPR.

“The hospice was a warm environment to be in, everyone was cheery and
happy which
also made the environment happy and lovely to be in,” said student,
Kamilla Kaczor. “It was a great experience to have and I have taken a
lot from it. It’s changed my entire perspective on what a hospice is
and what they do. The team make it as homely as they can for the