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Rambert Dance Company workshop

The Plympton Academy students at the workshop.

Performing arts students from Plympton Academy took part in a workshop recently run by the Rambert Dance Company.

The Year 8-12 youngsters were taught technical dance skills by a professional dancer and also learnt a series of dance steps from
Rambert’s works, A Linha Curva and Life is a Dream. Then they choreographed their own steps.

“The students were challenged as well as being hugely inspired,” said Plympton Academy teacher, Abbie Joce.

At the end of the workshop the students were given the opportunity to ask the professional dancer questions about her career and how they
can also pursue a career in dance.

“I enjoyed the Rambert workshop as it was a different style of dance to what I am used to. It has opened up many different pathways to
dance that I would love to explore,” said Performing Arts student, Shona.

Later that evening the students went to see the production of Life is a Dream performed by the Rambert Dance Company at the Theatre Royal.

“The show was both engaging and challenging to watch and our students experienced something unforgettable,” said Plympton Academy Lead
Practitioner for Dance, Stephanie Thomas.

Year 8 students are put through their paces at the workshop.