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Students from Plympton Academy are celebrating their GCSE exam results.

Students from Plympton Academy are celebrating their GCSE exam results. The school has achieved a 100% pass rate in GCSE history, photography, Spanish, ICT, art and design and BTEC engineering.

Last year the new 9-1 grading system was introduced. It’s being phased in over three years to reflect a more demanding curriculum and replaces the traditional A – E grades.

Stand out subjects this year at Plympton Academy include Spanish with 80% of students gaining 4+ (equivalent of C grade and higher), photography 80% at 4+ and art 77% at 4+. Results for the engineering BTEC were also strong with 64% of students achieving a distinction.

Creative subjects also did well. Macy-Leigh Carroll received a Distinction star in both BTEC Performing Arts and BTEC Sports Studies. She’s staying on at sixth form to study music and double performing arts before going into musical theatre.

There were many other outstanding performances. Jonathan Watson gained a 9 in maths, biology and physics, 8 in chemistry, computer science and Spanish as well as a 6 in English language, 7 in English literature, a 6 in geography and a distinction* in music.  He’s staying on at the sixth form to study A levels with the aim of going to university to study maths.

Jack Skidmore achieved a 9 in chemistry and physics, A* in ICT, 8 in maths, geography and biology, as well as a 6 in English Language and English literature. He’s also staying on to study A levels at the sixth form.

Rachel Wren gained an 8 in art, geography and history, 7 in English language, English literature and maths, a 6 in biology, chemistry, physics and Spanish. She’s staying on at Plympton Academy to do her A levels with the aim of studying law at university.

Several students in year 10 took and passed a GCSE exam a year early.

Carrie Irwin, Megan Landregan, Olivia Osborne (Head Girl) and Mia Blackford all gained a 9 in religious studies. Carrie Irwin, Megan Landregan, Olivia Osborne, Sarah Mayne and Hayden Alexander achieved an A in statistics.

“Our results have been good across the board this year despite the demanding curriculum,” said Plympton Academy Principal, Lisa Boorman. “The students have worked hard with many deciding to stay on to do A levels. Our results, including the year 10 students, who took an exam
a year early, shows that ambition and hard work does pay off.”