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Sir Patrick Moore Astronomy competition.

Sampson L Shuter, Lord Mayor Cllr Foster, Consort Cllr Foster, Jessica Bean, James Willis, Anastacia Rowe and Marcus Lewis.

Young people from across Plymouth have been awarded prizes in the city’s annual Sir Patrick Moore Astronomy competition.

Lord Mayor Cllr Wendy Foster and her Consort Cllr Ken Foster attended the event which was hosted at Plympton Academy.

Each year, Plymouth students can submit their drawings, paintings or photographs of the moon in an annual event in memory of the astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. 

This year, the five winning students received a telescope and a collection of observing guides.  The telescopes were sponsored by the teacher unions the NASUWT and the NUT and the observing guides and magazines were donated by the British Astronomical Association and the Sky at Night Magazine.

Lord Mayor Cllr Wendy Foster said, “It is a real pleasure to be able to present these telescopes and books on astronomy.   It is wonderful to think that Sir Patrick’s legacy is still encouraging young people to take up astronomy and explore the sky at night.”

Martin Edmonds, who works at Plympton Academy and organised the event said,”Sir Patrick Moore devoted his life to encouraging people to share his love of astronomy.  Sir Patrick passed away in 2012, but through his hundreds of books, and the people he encouraged, he is still inspiring young astronomers around the world today.”