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Intrepid walkers train for Ten Tors

Malachi and Chris in the rain

Students from Plympton Academy have been training for one of the most challenging events held solely for young people.

The annual Ten Tors Challenge takes place in May and sees four hundred teams of teenagers walk across the rough terrain of Dartmoor. Depending on their age they face hikes of 35, 45 or 55 miles in under two days.

The students from Plympton Academy, Ellie Buxton, Malachi George, Christopher Mace and Kian Shepherd, are supported in school by PE team member Matt Rhymer and train with pupils from Coombe Dean School, Devonport High School for Girls and Plymouth High School for Girls.

The intrepid walkers have been training since October. This recent walk started from Princetown with all the students carrying full kit. As they set off the weather was cold and frosty. It then got steadily warmer with rain followed by sleet and snow.

“We all saw four seasons in one day,” said Bob Costin, who manages the Ten Tors training. “It shows how diverse the weather can be on Dartmoor.”

Ellie, Chris and Malachi completed 15 miles and Kian completed 18 miles. “They all put in a tremendous effort,” said Bob.

Ellie in the snow
Kian in the sunshine