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Battle of Hastings

Year 7 students taking part
Year 7 students taking part

Year 7 history students from Plympton Academy swapped their classrooms for the playing fields and their pens for shields recently as they recreated the Battle of Hastings.

The students designed shields and screwed up balls of paper to represent arrows. The class was separated into Normans and Saxons, with Paige Gould acting as the Saxon King, Harold II, and Kiel Hilton as the Norman leader.

“We all really enjoyed the battle,” said student Ashleigh Heath. “The Saxons stood on a ridge and the Normans who were below them threw their ‘arrows’ at the Saxons. The battle ended when King Harold was killed. Paige did a great job of pretending.”

History teacher Louise Brake says that taking the lesson out of the classroom allows the students to imagine what it would have been like. “Getting outside and recreating the battle was not only great fun but the students had to plan how they were going to fight based on the tactics and strategies they had learnt in the classroom.”

Kiel Hilton and Jamie Combs enjoying the re-enactment