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Disposal of 2,4-DNP

Structure of 2,4-Dinitrophenol

Disposal of 2,4-DNP

Information for parents and carers.

Along with other schools and colleges throughout the England and Wales, Plympton Academy holds a small quantity of a particular chemical used in A-level chemistry called 2,4-DNP which can become unstable and liable to explosion.

Following receipt of updated government and CLEAPSS advice, the Academy’s science department has checked its small stock of 2,4-DNPH.

Whilst the substance poses no immediate risk and is currently securely stored, in line with guidance recently issued nationally the Academy will be seeking support from the police to dispose of the small quantity held on site – this safe disposal may need to involve a small controlled explosion.

This precautionary measure will have no impact on the smooth and safe running of the Academy. However, this information is being released, in advance, to parents and carers in order that you are aware of the approach the Academy is taking.

If you have any particular concerns please get in contact with us.