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Abseiling from Drake Circus in Plymouth

Jim Strachan and Oliver Brockman after their abseiling adventure.
Jim Strachan and Oliver Brockman after their abseiling adventure.

An adventurous student and teacher from Plympton Academy have been abseiling to raise money for Stand up to Cancer.

Eleven year old Oliver Brockman was the youngest person abseiling from Drake Circus in Plymouth. He was accompanied by Head of Year 8, Jim Strachan. Oliver and Mr Strachan were supporting Oliver’s brother, 13 year old Ben, in raising money for the charity.

“It feels really great to be raising money for Cancer Research,” said Ben, who has been selling wrist bands and badges in school.” I was really happy that Mr Strachan offered to help by offering to abseil. I plan on doing much more fundraising as well over the next few months.”

The abseiling raised £285 for Stand up to Cancer donated by staff and students at Plympton Academy as well as friends and family.

"It was great to abseil at the same time as one of my teachers,” said Oliver. “It made me jump when Mr Strachan slipped but I was able to face my fears and carry on.”

Both the adventurous duo enjoyed their abseil.

“The abseil went well although I did slip at the start and fell a bit which was a crowd pleaser but I soon made it to the bottom enjoying the view on the way down,” said Jim Strachan.