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Visiting Olympian

On Tuesday 5th July, Olympic Silver medalist Heather Fell visited Year 7 and 8 students as part of a Team Super Schools visit.

During her visit all students had their photograph taken with her, which will be passed onto students very soon. They also had to complete a series of physical exercises as part of a sponsored event. Whilst being supervised by Post 16 students and some of the Sports Leaders, students dipped, jumped and push-upped to raise money for sports equipment in school. The session finished with an inspirational talk by Heather. Students had already spent time researching her event (Modern Pentathlon) and her career and had a pile of questions ready and waiting. Heather started her talk by explaining that she had completed some of her training in Plymouth whilst preparing for the Beijing Olympics. Students learnt that resilience is one of the key attributes that Olympians need to develop, with the phrase 'every difficulty made me stronger' being a key message from Heather's talk.

We are still collecting money in from students, but are hoping to put the money raised towards new sporting equipment very soon for the benefit of all students.