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Students take part in Takeover Day at local health centre

Maya Ali and Christian Woods holding up their own design for a Health Centre
Maya Ali and Christian Woods holding up their own design for a Health Centre.

Two students from Plympton Academy spent a day at Plympton Health Centre recently to find out what it means to be a medical professional.

‘Takeover Day’ is an event organised by Beacon Medical Group to allow young people an insight into healthcare related careers. 

“The Takeover Challenge has been a fun and hugely successful project,” said organiser, Pippa Leppage. “It was through a similar event I attended when I was their age that inspired me to work as a health professional. Hopefully we have motivated some of these students today in the same way.”

The students, Maya Ali and Christian Woods, were completely inspired by the event which allowed them behind the scenes access to the ambulance service and pharmacy. They were also able to try out a range of activities, from measuring blood pressure to trying their hand at suturing, using a banana skin. 

They also enjoyed working alongside students form Ivybridge Community College and Hele’s School.  

“I really enjoyed working at each health station because we got a crash course in medical knowledge. This has really inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare,” said Maya Ali. 

 Assistant Principal at Plympton Academy, Jason Ryder, summed up the excitement generated by the day. “We had a large number of students who put their names forward to take part. Christian and Maya were the lucky ones who won through and I know that they made the most of this amazing opportunity.”