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Welcome to Plympton Academy

Message from Miss Luke

Dear Year 5/6 students,

Hello, my name is Miss Luke and I am the current Head of Year 7 at Plympton Academy.  I have the very important job of ensuring you find the transition from primary to secondary school as easy and as worry-free as possible. We understand moving on from primary school is a big step and so we offer a longer induction period than most secondary schools. You will be invited to spend three days with us in the July of Year 6 and I am confident that once you have met your form tutor; tried out many new subjects; and got to know lots of friendly faces, you will be excited about starting with us a few weeks later. 

I’m sure you will find Plympton Academy to be a happy place where we know one another and care about those around us. If you ever feel upset or anxious there are always people you can talk to. Your form tutor is available to listen to your concerns: you see them for 20 minutes at the end of every day so they will get to know you very well during your time here. There is also a Pastoral Mentor, Miss Worth, who is a non-teaching member of staff (she has introduced herself below) and me, your Head of Year.  So, although the Academy is much bigger than you will be used to, you should never feel alone.

As well as lessons, there are lots of exciting things for you to do at Plympton Academy.  Whatever you are interested in - be it doing Science experiments, playing basketball, performing on stage or producing artwork - there are many ways for you to get involved in Academy life: this semester alone we have almost 100 extra-curricular activities on offer!  We aim to offer something for everyone as we believe that developing characteristics such as resilience, leadership and communication, is just as important as academic progress.

If there is anything more you would like to know about what it is like to be a student at Plympton Academy, please get in touch. We are really looking forward to welcoming you into the Academy community.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Luke

(Head of Year 7)

Message from Miss Worth

Hello, my name is Miss Worth and I am the Year 7 Pastoral Mentor.

I work very closely with Miss Luke and the Year 7 tutors to support you in all aspects of academy life. This includes your ability to be resilient, develop your talents and help you face challenges. 

Together, we can build the foundations for success during your first year at Plympton Academy. I wish every one of you an enjoyable, successful and memorable first year at our school.