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Primary Partnership

Teachers from Primary and Secondary schools have all got their own ideas about the other, but few have experience of seeing each other in practice.  It is Plympton Academy’s belief that we are stronger through collaboration and we have invested a lot of time and resources into ensuring that the partnership between Primary schools and Plympton Academy continues to flourish.

The Plympton Academy Partnership Programme (PAPP) reflects the commitment Plympton Academy has to listen to, support and engage young people and their families in the Plympton community.  Staff at Plympton Academy wish to continue to build strong and trusted relationships with our community feeder schools to ensure that the academic success students experience at Primary school continues into Year 7 and beyond at Plympton Academy.

We recognise that there are opportunities throughout the year for specialist visits and workshops with Secondary lead teachers for a variety of curriculum areas, where the close liaison between Primary teachers and the staff at Plympton Academy, enable students to experience lessons taught at Plympton Academy using our specialist provision.

By creating more opportunities for teachers to observe the work of colleagues teaching other phases and planning Schemes of Learning collaboratively it encourages teachers here at Plympton Academy to take into account the teaching and learning that has taken place already in the Primary schools. This will, in turn, lead to a better KS3 curriculum that builds on the learning that has already taken place and will help to close the dip in the learning that sometimes occurs when students start secondary education.

The PAPP was launched in the academic year 2015/2016.  Science, Catering and Performing Arts were taught at Plympton Academy.  A bespoke Scheme of Learning was planned in collaboration with the primary staff.  This allowed the primary staff to feel confident that their learning objectives were met.  Plympton Academy staff benefitted from teaching the primary school students and realised that they are very capable learners who can achieve far more than Plympton Academy staff expect.

In addition to the primary schools attending Plympton Academy staff from the Maths, English and MFL department have regularly taken classes in the feeder primary schools.  The focus is to provide enrichment opportunities within each year.  Some schools have encouraged the Plympton Academy member of staff to take the whole class (mainly French) and others have used the Plympton Academy member of staff to take small groups of students for additional Maths or Shakespeare workshops. 

We are building on this success and are opening the PAPP to Old Priory and Woodford in the academic year 2016/2017.