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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much Homework in Year 7?
    Students will receive homework every weekday evening.  They normally have around 1 hour per evening in Year 7, which rises in Year 8 and through the school
  2. Are students taught in sets in Year 7?
    Yes in several subjects, like English, Maths and Science. Students are placed into the appropriate set based upon the Key Stage 2 data we receive from their Primary School and any other information we receive which is useful.
  3. Is there a Parent Pay facility at the school?
    Yes, we currently operate Parent Pay for on-site food and payment for trips and visits.
  4. What will my classes be like and will I be with my friends?
    You may be in different classes for different subjects.  We try to make sure that students are placed with people that they know and enjoy being with, but also to make sure that they are in a class where they will be challenged and make excellent progress. Break time and lunch time provide ample opportunities for students to meet up with their friends, as well as after school clubs and activities.
  5. How do we cover three Sciences in Year 7?
    In Year 7, and throughout the school, the three sciences are taught separately. Students will study Physics, Chemistry and Biology taught by specialist teachers.
  6. Why do we have a two weekly timetable?
    A two weekly timetable gives the school the opportunity to offer a wider curriculum to our students.
  7. Do you get a map when you start?  What happens if you get lost?
    Yes. When you start you will receive a Planner, which is a book where you can write your homework, keep your timetable and use as a way of communicating between home and school. There will be a map of the academy in the planner which you will be able to use to find your way around. In addition there are signs in all subject areas to let you know where you are and there are always lots of people you can ask. 
  8. What are the food options at the academy?
    There are lots of choices open to you in the Plympton Academy Diner (PAD) – from salads, soups and pasta to panini, baguettes, hot meals, pizza, sandwiches and fruit. We also sell hot and cold drinks.
  9. Where can I eat a packed lunch?
    You can eat your lunch either in the canteen or outside on one of the picnic tables